Dear clients

Unfortunately, sometimes we receive complaints from our customers. The cause of the complaint is not always clear to us. Even when the complaint is accompanied by a picture of the faulty product, it is not always obvious to us what the cause is.

A video of the faulty product would offer more clarity and would aid us to come up with an appropriate solution.

That is why we would like to ask you to follow the following procedure:
1. One of your clients or yourself gets informed about a complaint.
2. The owner of the complaint sends a video on Whatsapp to ORIT +31 (0)13 4679128 and to you.
3. We will contact the owner of the complaint to find an appropriate solution and you will be informed about this solution.
4. We would like to ask you to send a picture whenever parts are broken or missing. Then we can make an offer for you.
By doing this, we are aiming to optimize our customer service and to provide more satisfactory solutions to customer complaints/requests.